I.  Name


The name of the union shall be the History Graduate Student Association (hereinafter ‘Association’). It is constituted as a caucus of the History Student Union (hereinafter ‘HSU’), as defined in the Administrative Policies of the Graduate Students Society of Simon Fraser University (hereinafter ‘GSS’).


II.  Objectives


The objectives of the Association are to promote and represent student interests within the History Department.


1.  To represent History graduate student concerns at the departmental and university level.

2.  To provide social and recreational activities for the membership.

3.  To undertake projects and activities to benefit the members.

4.  To undertake such other activities as the members may from time to time decide.


III.  Membership


Automatic membership in the Association shall be extended to all graduate students in the Department.


IV.  Steering Committee


This committee shall consist of:


1.  The Chair

2.  The Secretary

3.  The Treasurer

4.  The Departmental Graduate Committee Representative

5.  The member of the Graduate Council of the GSS; also responsible for liaison with HSU


The powers and duties of the Steering Committee shall be limited to the following:


1.  Convening all general meetings, having ensured that an agenda has been prepared and that due notice has been given;

2.  Ensuring that the directives of this Constitution and decisions made by general meetings are carried out;

3.  Maintaining communications between the Association, the History Student Union, and other student unions, the GSS, the Department, Faculty, and other University organizations as needed.


V.  Meetings


1.  There shall be one regular general meeting per month. Notice of General Meetings shall consist of at least one notification by means of an appropriate communications technology accessible by all members of the Association (hereinafter ‘communications technology’) at least one week in advance.

2.  A Meeting shall be called by the Steering Committee, or by any member of the Steering Committee, upon receipt of a petition containing the names of one or more members of the Association. In the latter case, the meeting shall be called within two weeks.

3.  Quorum for a general meeting shall be 5 members of the Association. Proxy votes are not allowed.

4.  The Steering Committee shall meet at least once a month, or at the call of the Chair. Quorum shall be a majority of the seats filled.

5.  If, at any time, no member of the Steering Committee is able or willing to call a general meeting at the request of the membership, any member may do so providing:

a.  Proper notice is given;

b.  The Committee for Departmental Student Union is informed of the particulars.


VI.  Officers


The members of the Steering Committee are the officers of the Association.


The powers and duties of officers shall be:


1.  Chair

a.  To prepare agendas, chair meetings, and co-ordinate activities of the union;

b.  To ensure that the requirements of the Constitution and the decisions of the Association are carried out;

c.  To represent the Association to the Department in general, or to any Departmental Committee where a representative has not been elected, or cannot attend;

d.  To ensure that Departmental Committee Representatives report back to the membership.


2.  Treasurer

a.  To maintain all financial records of the Association, including an accounting of all funds received and spent;

b.  To prepare a budget;

c.  To make regular reports to the membership;

d.  To provide liaison between the Association and all sources of funding, including the History Student Union.


3.  Secretary

a.  To keep minutes of meetings and circulate those minutes in a timely fashion by communications technology.


4.  Signing Officers

a.  The Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary shall be signing officers, with the power to sign cheques for authorized expenditures.


VII.  Elections


Articles one through seven below shall govern the election of members of the Steering Committee other than the Graduate Council member.

1.  Terms of office for officers and committee representatives shall be for one year or until the first general meeting of the fall semester.

2.  Elections shall take place at the first general meeting of the fall semester. The notice of meeting shall contain notice of elections. Nominations are open until the election is conducted.

3.  Any member of the Association is eligible for any position.

4.  Voting shall be by secret ballot, with the person receiving a majority vote being elected. If there is no majority, the person receiving the fewest votes shall be eliminated, and a new vote shall be held. In the event that a single candidate is nominated, that person shall be acclaimed.

5.  In the event that a vacancy occurs on the Steering Committee, an election shall take place at the next general meeting. Notice of this meeting shall include notice of the election.

6.  In the event that a vacancy occurs in a Departmental Committee Representative position, the Steering Committee shall appoint a replacement until the next general meeting, at which time a replacement shall be elected

7.  The members may recall any person elected to represent them by a two-thirds vote of the members shall present at a quorate meeting called for this purpose. Notice of the meeting must contain this purpose.


The following procedure shall govern the election of Graduate Council members representing the students in the Association (being the ‘representatives’ in accordance with section 8 of By-law XI — Elections and Referenda (‘the by-law’) of the GSS.

8.  The Association Steering Committee or a person associated by the Association shall administer the elections and report the results thereof to the Graduate Council.

9.  The Steering Committee, or appointed administrator, shall call an election within one month, should the Council seat for the Association become vacant, or if the term of office for the incumbent is due to end.

10.  Elections shall be preceded by a period of at least one week during which nominations are open, followed by at least one week of campaigning by nominees. Nominations must open on a day when the University is open.

11.  If only one person is nominated for a position, that person shall be acclaimed and the candidate shall be automatically elected.

12.  An election for a representative shall be advertised by the Steering Committee to the members of the Association immediately upon it being called.

13.  Voting in any election for representatives shall be conducted by secret ballot in a manner determined by the Steering Committee, which may be by paper ballot or electronic ballot. Voting may take place at an Association meeting or at some other time convenient to Association members.

14.  If there is more than one representative to be elected, the Steering Committee may, at its discretion, combine the elections for those representatives in a manner it sees fit, so long as the winners shall be those which receive the most votes.

15.  These procedures may be modified by the Association, but modifications shall not be binding until approved by the Electoral Committee of the GSS, in accordance with s.8 of the By-law.


VIII.  Amendments


1.  This Constitution may be amended by the membership of the Association by a two-thirds majority of those present at a quorate general meeting;

2.  Except that Section 9, Dissolution, shall not be amended.

3.  The proposed amendments must be circulated by communications technology two weeks prior to the meeting.


IX.  Dissolution


In the event that the members decide to dissolve the Association, or in the event that this Association becomes inactive, all assets of the Association become the property of the GSS, to be held in trust for a minimum period of two years.


1.  If, during this period, a new union is formed to represent the interests of students within the Department, or if this Association becomes active, the trust shall be dissolved and all assets shall become the property of the Association.

2.  After two years, if the trust has not been dissolved, the GSS may dispose of the assets as it sees fit.


For the purpose of this article, the Association shall have become inactive if, for two consecutive semesters, the membership does not hold the minimum number of quorate general meetings as required by this constitution.


This article shall not be altered except with the prior written consent of the GSS.